Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow


Espresso  Single €1.75 Double €2.25

Cappuccino  or Café Latte (M)   €2.80

Mocha (M) (Dark or white chocolate) €2.95

Americano (Large) €2.65

Flat White  (M) €2.65

Filtered Coffee €2.40

White Filtered Coffee (M) €2.60

Instant Regular or De-Caf €2.30

All Above Coffees available in De-caff

Made with Soya or Almond Milk €0.50

Add Any Of The Following Flavours €0.50

    Vanilla, Hazelnut(N), Caramel, Chocolate(M)  ,Mint Choc(M),

    Salted Caramel. 

Hot Chocolate (M) With marshmallows / cream & Choc topping €3.45

                                                                                            (Kiddies Size)       €2.75 

Chai Latte (M) €2.70

Tea For One  €2.00

De-Caf Tea €2.30

Selection Of Herbal Teas  Please ask for flavours available €2.30

Ice Tea (with lemon & ice)  €2.70

Soft Drinks Coke, Fanta, Diet Coke & Diet 7up €2.00

Still or Sparkling Water €2.10

For The Kiddies-

Orange or Blackcurrant Fruit Shoots €1.30

Orange or Apple Juice Carton €1.30

Refreshing Smoothies (M) €4

The Classic:    Orange Juice, Banana, Strawberries & Natural Frozen Yogurt.

The Berry Burst:    Cranberry Juice, Strawberries, Mixed Berrie & Natural Frozen Yogurt.

The Tropics:   Orange Juice, Tropical Fruit & Natural Frozen Yogurt.

The Booster:Orange Juice, Melon, Mango, Strawberries & Natural Frozen Yogurt.